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Skateboards have been around as long as roller skates. Nearly 100 years ago, young people nailed roller skates to boards and rode them. Sometimes they sat on the boards and sometimes they stood up. Factory-made skateboards showed up in the 1960's but really started taking off in the 1970's with the manufacture of urethane wheels. Urethane wheels were much softer than clay wheels and gripped the road better. But there were still concerns about skateboarding. Drivers were concerned about skaters getting hit by cars, People on sidewalks worried about getting hit by skaters. Some towns even passed laws against skateboarding.

Here at Rocky's Bicycle Shop we have solved all of those concerns. We have a Skate Park that welcomes skateboarders, in line skaters, free style bikers and BMXers to come ride the half pipes and the array of ramps on the street course or enjoy the thrill of riding our BMX dirt race track. Our shop carries skateboards with an extensive selection of decks, trucks and wheels, in line skates, free style and BMX bikes, skis, mountain boards and snowboards. we also offer full waxing and tuning service for skis and snowboards.

To receive notice of special blow out sales, newsletters with schedules events and race schedules, great tips on cycling, maintenance and safety, just send us your name, mailing address, etc via our e-mail.

BMX/Skatepark Waiver and Release

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